Young Skater Relaxing
Our story is your story:
we love skateboarding.

We make boards for the same reason you ride them: because we love skateboarding.


Our board designer grew up skating and has always been in love with the raw freedom and accessibility of wood on wheels. Act started out as a side project that quickly became its own thing. That feeling of a late-night summer breeze eventually translated to more than just the board, but to apparel and lifestyle, too.

At Act, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship. Our boards aren't made in the back of some factory garage to meet demand or to settle a deadline. We take our time to come up with refreshing designs, wait for the proper products to arrive and make sure that every single board we produce is flawless.

Because we get to cut out the middle man throughout the entire production, our boards are and will always be inexpensive. Everything happens under one roof and one roof only.

Our boards are always made of sustainable wood, with nature-friendly glue and ecological wrapping—to ensure that our world can be enjoyed by the next generations.

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